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By-Products are the nonmeat materials gathered during the slaughtering procedure, normally called offal. By-products meat includes livers, brains, hearts, sweetbreads (thymus and pancreas), fries (gonads), kidneys, oxtails, tripe (stomach of steers), and tongue.

Rendered Products

Rendering is the procedure that changes over results from the meat and livestock industry into usable materials. Animal by-products other than from poultry – which is not expected for human utilization, are changed into important proteins, minerals, and oils.


Chilled fresh meat is the major product of our organization and we provide the following meat products.

  • Chilled Mutton
  • Chilled Lamb
  • Chilled Beef


Because of the longer period of usability and lower cost “frozen meat” is the best decision for companies and cost-cognizant market fragments. Being the pioneers of frozen meat, we offer the following:

a)       Frozen  beef  

b)       Frozen mutton 

c)        Repaid boneless meat

d)       Premium cuts, for example,

  • Silver Side
  • Topside
  • Tenderloin
  • Rear-end steak

Pasteurized Milk ( Full Cream)

We pasteurized the milk to take out unsafe microbes that are available in crude milk.

  • Homogenized for smooth rich thickness in each taste
  • Naturally sustained with nutrients and minerals like calcium, protein, and iron
  • Free from added substances and additives, for example, steroids and reproducing hormones
  • Collected utilizing cleaned gear from SMPL enrolled accomplice ranchers

Pasteurized  Milk (Low Fat)

  • Pasteurized to wipe out harmful bacteria that are available in raw milk
  • The low-Fat substance helps us to maintain our weight  by least calorie intake
  • A very good source of calcium to reinforce bones and teeth
  • Vitamin A is present in it to improve vision and immunity
  • Vitamin B12 to support mental health and helps to fit the digestive system

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