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Guideline to start Dairy Farming Business

How to start a dairy business in Pakistan? This is the question since the founding of Holistic Foods has been asking regularly.

When you have no perfect answer, then Holistic Foods is here to give you the universal guideline. You can learn about the farming business.

Few basic steps need to follow to start a dairy business.

  • Learn
  • Start
  • Run
  • Maintain
  • Grow

Let’s discuss these steps in detail:

  • Learn

It is understood that to start any business you need some investment. To start a dairy farm and run it successfully, you need to have knowledge and training about the business. Without knowledge of how to run a business is difficult to start. Dairy farm operation is no exception to this rule. You need to learn some basic things about dairy production. You must learn about the breed of dairy animals. The best buffaloes breeding for farming is the basic step to start a business.

  • Start

All the beginners in the dairy farming business, the dream starts from having more than 100 cows. It is recommended to start a small level business. However, starting a farm with fewer cows makes no sense. If both cows get unhealthy or dry, then you have no cow milk productivity. Then it will difficult to maintain the milk lactation. Holistic Foods recommends starting a dairy farm of 5-6 buffaloes breed.

  • Run

To run a successful dairy farming business, you must need some fundamental things:

  • Loose housing
  • Cool and dry shade for animals to rest.
  • Clean water availability

In loose housing, animals are free. They roam within the boundaries of the dairy farm. Dairy animals can drink water as per their need. The buffaloes as compared to a cow give more meat and milk. The lactation cycle needs more water to produce milk.

The freedom of loose housing makes the cows stress-free. In Pakistan, crossbreed and Neeli Ravi cows more resistant. The shades that provided are of high-cost cement sheets. Iron sheets for roofing are famous, the white reflector paint can be used to cool down the temperature of the housing.

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  • Maintain

It is easy to start a dairy farm but difficult to manage. Dairy farm management techniques come handy. Labor cost is also involved in the traditional dairy farming business. Loose housing keeps the cows healthy. It reduces labor costs. Holistic Foods offers to maintain your farms and keep your male calves healthy. It results in the best milk yielding.

  • Grow

No other business produces, production material from other producers. A cycle cannot manufacture another. However, in the dairy farming business, one animal gives birth to another. So, there are more chances to grow in this business.

Great Milk Productivity

Best and auspicious Artificial Insemination (AI) is a key segment to create great milk. The distinguishing proof of warmth in buffaloes should be given outstanding thought. For picking the best buffaloes breed, Neeli Ravi is the best variety when contrasted with dairy buffaloes. The Neeli Ravi breed gives a ton of meat. The bulls are used for improving the milk productivity of dairy animals generally through planned impregnation.

Record Keeping of Animals

Record keeping is basic for beginning a dairy business. The animals ought to be ear-labeled. The labels contain data about animals like variety, age, buy, several lactation cycles and inoculation, and so forth. The records of day by day milk yielding, male calves, and prescription are significant. Take exceptional consideration of female calves and concentrate on male calves for a dairy business.

Feed for Animals

To decide the creation of high-quality milk, feed is the most significant factor. To get ideal milk creation, you should need to take care of the dairy animals the best they require as far as fats, proteins, minerals, and nutrients. To build your pay or benefit, you will continually look for a financially savvy feed plan.

Problems in Dairy Farming

Farms take steps to prevent diseases in dairy animals. But sometimes it is not enough to detect it. Identifying the errors in milk can help you to detect and correct the mastitis issues in your dairy animals.

Why do milk productivity matters?

Milk with mastitis is not beneficial for us. This is due to issue damage and an increase in milk’s sodium ions. Does your dairy farm have the system to detect these diseases? Don’t worry, Holistic Foods is here to give you the solutions to your problems.

Finding cows on heat soon

Fertility is very difficult for every farms’ success. Heat detection is animals should be tracked in animals. With the increase in daily production, identifying the milking animal is on heat is also difficult and costly.

For better milk productivity, Holistic Foods is here to give you the best solutions for your problems.

Healthy cows

Monitoring your cows’ health 24/7 is another issue while you started a dairy farm. With the increase in farm-scale, being able to monitor all the dairy animals at the same time is also difficult. If you’re not able to monitor your cows, you may be missing the animals’ health problems on your farm.  Find your solution with Holistic Foods.

Nutrition and Feeding

Research shows that your cows should be eating -5 hours daily. A decrease in intake might be a problem, but it could be caused by anything form changes in artificial lighting, space, and frequency of feeding. Holistic Foods sell milk all across the Lahore. We provide the best feed and nutrition to all the dairy animals according to animal sciences that increase milk production.

Holistic Foods-Solution of your problems

A large number of dairy animals are drained, taken care of, and kept up by Holistic Foods around the world. We meet with more than 10,000 milk producers on our farm each day. Regardless of whether you have just one cow or plan to begin another dairy farm, we give the best-draining systems according to your requirements. We have a group of prepared and experienced individuals that are accessible for your assistance with making the correct venture.

Quality Control

We use machines for the milking procedure. Chiller vans are utilized for the transportation of milk without decreasing its quality. Milking machines and vans ought to be purchased by contributing. On the off chance that your property isn’t in suburbia territory of urban communities or fundamental markets, chiller tanks would be utilized to store milk without decreasing the quality.

Dairy Farming- A profitable Business

Here the question emerges in your brain that is farming is beneficial or not? At that point, a major YES! The dairy business is productive however it relies on the previously mentioned factors. Your significant capital cost will be towards land, building, and different machines. Little dairy homesteads can likewise be helpful. On the off chance that you have under 100 cows and it not hard to begin a dairy business on a little level. In light of dairy items, we can contribute the fats and significant supplements like calcium and protein which is excellent for wellbeing.

Supporting you in every Problem

Holistic Foods understands to guarantee a smooth dairy farm operation. Holistic Foods is constantly here to remain with you with the establishment and support of your hardware anyplace in Pakistan. You can confide in us whenever, anyplace. Giving appropriate consideration and diet to your dairy and milking animals is basic for them to turn into the best dairy cows. Holistic Foods offers the best items and services for a fruitful Calf Rearing system. Holistic Foods will be a fantastic beginning for your calf raising and dairy field-tested strategies. Holistic Foods is the best association that has a gigantic plant of milk creation.


Holistic Foods is the best company and supplier for new and future dairy farmers. We convey a top-notch range of products and reliable services. Our trained group will help you in dealing with your dairy farm business and drive your dairy farming results.

Holistic Foods sells halal milk. Each product and administrations share three things for all expectations and reason: the best quality, unchallenged trustworthiness, and unmatched focus on your thriving.