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Our Story

Born in 2019 as a subsidiary of Holistic Group of Companies, which is the most grounded, played in the manure business, Holistic Foods was fused with a point and ability to convey unmistakably flavorsome halal milk and meat of Pakistan to the ever-developing interest of the universal market. We are a main and the best cow dairy farm in Pakistan that gives Halal and Fresh Milk and Meat processing facilities that fall under the umbrella of Holistic Group of Companies, which is among the biggest business conglomerate in Pakistan.

Holistic Foods claims the biggest and most innovatively propelled Meat processing plant and cow dairy farm in Pakistan. Holistic Foods is the main brand in the dairy and meat processing sectors with tasks running effectively the nation over. It is a significant provider of significant worth included dairy products and halal meat.

Holistic Foods meat plant spreads on 40 Acres of land. It joins 100% affirmed Islamic and Halal butchering strategy at each progression of meat processing to guarantee that delicate and crisp meat arrives at our clients. The facility is worked with the point and ability to convey unmistakably flavorsome halal meat of Pakistan to the world around. Our plant is intended to meet the goals of excellent meat (dairy cattle, buffalo, sheep, and goat), by-products and rendered products with a holding limit of 600 cows, 300 sheep, and goat. The regular creation limit of the plant is 150 tons of meat (120 tons hamburger and 30 tons sheep), in both Frozen and chilled categories holding fast to international quality and benchmarks.

High and predictable standards start with the cautious acquisition of privately raised best cattle breeds from a system of more than 200 ranchers region-wide.

Holistic Foods is one of the top dairy farms in Pakistan built up advanced milk, and yogurt preparing and bundling plant beside the dairy ranch with premium breed Australian cows. It ceaselessly endeavors to add bliss to its shoppers’ lives and deal with their wellbeing, by keeping itself refreshed with the ever-changing ways of life of its buyers. Holistic Dairy has built up a comprehensive grass-to-glass esteem chain framework. Its dairy animals are taken care of and supported on great grain become under the supervision of outside qualified agronomists. They are kept in an amazingly affable environment and are consistently checked and inoculated by a group of qualified vets. Holistic Dairy’s automatic milk parlor ensures milk is gathered utilizing ideal sterile conditions. No hormonal infusions or anti-infection agents are given to the dairy animals, guaranteeing unadulterated, new and healthy milk, liberated from symptoms.

Detailed microbiological testing and consistent quality look at each progression is conveyed to save the nature of meat and dairy items. The plant has a 3-day animal holding zone spread on 20 Acres of land for animal welfare and stress decrease to quiet the animal down.

Holistic Foods is a dynamic and quickly developing organization, notable for its high quality and sustaining products. Holistic Foods is focused on staying among the top dairy farms in Pakistan by keeping up the soul of greatness through supported development in all exercises offering sensible value, quality items, a sheltered and favorable workplace for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To become the leading supplier of Dairy & Meat products in Pakistan.

Our Mission

Holistic Foods mission is to provide good quality of life to our customers by offering Halal, Fresh, Healthy and Reliable Meat & Dairy products. Holistic Foods understanding customer’s needs, safeguarding their interests, maintaining long term relationships, brand loyalty and corporate social responsibility for all of our stakeholders. We are striving to improve our indigenous products by continuously focusing on R & D, innovative processes and adaptive technologies in Meat and Dairy industry.

Our Principles


We are energetic about accomplishing results by persistently concentrating on our polished skill, meeting partner desires and ensuring consistency with the best expectations of cleanliness, wellbeing, security, and condition. We like to win by concentrating and subscribing to smart objectives and goals.


We comprehend the importance and estimation of words and maintain duty and self-responsibility at the most elevated platform in our drive to reshaping lives. We advance and practice regard over and over while empowering arrangement between what we ‘chalk’ and how we ‘walk’.


We create an environment, which acknowledges a proactive methodology by empowering the progression of thoughts from base to top, in this manner instilling the sentiment of ownership.


Make a domain of trust, acknowledgement and collaboration where people aggregately accomplish shared destinations, playing on qualities assists us with settling on fast choices and advance reason over an individual.

Holistic Group of Companies

Holistic Group has a past filled with serving individuals since 2002 with the strategic offer the best administrations in the social insurance division. Following eighteen years of steady endeavors and the desire to serve, we have effectively settled Holistic Group of Companies wherein we are offering types of assistance like Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Event Planning, Home Salon services, Housekeeping, Web and Application Improvement, Rental Cars, Online Business, Retail, Clinical Services, and Protection. The Central Model of our Business is Click and Mortar.