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The Way We Do It

We have confidence in the gifts of nature and genuine goodness.

At Holistic Foods, we give the best genuine Milk and Halal Meat and take unique consideration at each level to ensure that the wholesome advantages of genuine, fresh and real quality Milk and Meat will reach you.


Holistic Foods is one of the best quality-situated dairies in Lahore with an exacting accentuation on keeping up the world-class nature of all it’s dairy and meat products. To stay aware of the dynamic innovation in the dairy farming in Pakistan, it keeps itself side by side in look into, attempting its best to present profoundly propelled gear at a moderate cost. Severe quality looking at is conveyed at each degree of the creation procedure to guarantee the superior nature of the completed meat & dairy items.

Quality control

Quality control is an extremely important step and Holistic Foods puts an incredible accentuation on it, from the assortment of the milk and meat to delivery at clients’ doorsteps. And now become the best in Pakistan dairy.

  • The milk and meat gathered at Holistic Foods are one of the best products in all dairies in Lahore, by using programmed meat & milk plants are legitimately diverted through stockpile funnels to the plant. This favorable position empowers the organization to guarantee that the milk and meat are unpolluted and of high quality.
  • Each batch of milk & meat utilized for creation is dependent upon stringent quality control microbiological tests at Holistic Foods’ well-prepared labs.
  • A mix of best in class machines and qualified and prepared creation staff enables the organization to guarantee it delivers the best quality items.
  • Exceptionally qualified and prepared nourishment technologists and quality affirmation groups cautiously screen the nature of items at all phases of the creation procedure.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Only Pakistan dairy company to have its Dairy Farm and Meat Plant.
  • Its image value remains in the top three milk and meat brands in the category.
  • The organization’s own and controlled virus chain supply framework guarantees auspicious and quality delivery of fresh products.
  • Its long-life and encompassing milk and meat are conveyed at the retail level through expert and solid merchants and stand as the leading supplier of dairy farming in Pakistan.
  • The entirety of the company’s products is liberated from hormonal infusions.