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Holistic Foods – Plant Site

The Meat Journey

From the farm to your table

Equipped with two generally current, cutting edge slaughterhouses for Mutton and Beef. Before butchering, the Animals are refreshed under a shed for at any rate 48 hours to discharge worry for better meat quality. A blood test is then taken by affirmed veterinarians and tried at our Microbiological and Chemical Laboratory, furnished with the most current and proficient hardware identified with the business to guarantee that the animals are not tainted. After lab endorsement, each confirmed animal is altogether washed to keep microscopic organisms and germs from entering the slaughterhouse.

Meat cutting & storage

Utilizing the most advanced practices, the Premium meat is then blast frozen at less 40 degrees, fit to be used at the food processing unit.

Hand & shoe sterilization

Before entering the premises the required procedure is to be trailed by all, which incorporates wearing the correct clothing, trailed by a sterilization procedure where every individual entering needs to initially clean their hands, trailed by their feet, this procedure is best of its group in the business according to worldwide food safety standards.

Directly from the storage, the frozen meat (Beef & mutton) is put on a programmed conveyer and went through a metal and bone detector. This period of the procedure is critical to abstain from stifling risks. The meat is then moved to the mechanized chipping machine to hack the meat into littler drops for the grinding procedure. There is no human touch engaged with this or any of the procedures as we push ahead.

The Milk Journey

Feeding & Breeding

At Holistic Foods, animals are fed at a natural diet, without utilizing reproducing hormones or anti-biotics, to guarantee unadulterated healthy milk.

Milking & Collecting

At the Holistic Foods Parlor, sterilized best in class hardware is utilized for safe and healthy milking and collection to guarantee human hand obstruction.

Pasteurization & Homogenization

Milk is then sent into the pasteurized chamber after it is homogenized and in a flash chilled to ensure the healthiness in each taste without including any additives.


Bottled milk is then delivered at your closest store in refrigerated vehicles.


Chilled milk is then packed in a global standard package that is intended to suit convenience in storage and use.

  • Biggest and most mechanically propelled meat & dairy processing facility.

  • We guarantee that 100% Certified Islamic and Halal slaughtering and milking procedure is incorporated.

  • Our meat plant and milking parlor have a regular creation limit of 100 tons of meat (85 tons hamburger and 15 tons lamb) in both frozen and chilled classifications and fresh milk of special breed Australian cows for an overall fare.

  • The plant is intended to meet targets of preparing high quality of meat and dairy products.  

  • We are offering Rendered Products including Bone, Blood, Meat feast and Tallow clinging to worldwide quality models.

  • The meat plant & milking parlor has the most modern climatized condition which is in conformance with worldwide degrees of chilling and freezing.

  • Meat is being offered in vacuum bundling to expand the period of usability and protect the freshness of the items by 90 days.

  • Milk is pasteurized within 4 hours of milking.

  • Discernibility and labelling of animals are done normally utilizing Pakistan Farming Mechanics.

  • High Voltage Electrical Stimulation System (HVES) is coordinated to guarantee the most ideal quality and taste.

  •  Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

  • We get farm-raised and sound domesticated animals.

  • In lines with Temple Grandin’s reasoning, the sympathetic treatment of animals is guaranteed by keeping up with severe moral practices.

  • The plant has a 3-day animal holding territory spread on 30 acres of land for animal welfare and stress decrease to quiet the animal down.

  • Animals are inoculated by proficient vets and guaranteed to precede their landing in the plant.

  • Global breed advancement is additionally on our motivation.

  • Every single vital endorsement, accreditation, and affirmations by significant government services and universal offices have been gotten.

  • We are enlisted with famous nearby and worldwide trade bodies to ensure crisp meat and dairy products to the clients.

  • Administrations of famous worldwide specialists have been gained for plant structure and development with obtained hardware from world-class producers, fitting in with best expectations of International quality.

  • We direct errands under exacting quality control quantifies all through the creation procedure to guarantee that quality norms are met as well as beaten.

  • Our administration is focused on residual the best endeavour by keeping up the soul of greatness through supported development in all exercises offering serious cost and quality products.

  • We guarantee that the products are dependably fixed, ably dealt with and profound chilled before being sent off to their particular goals.


The facility is worked with the point and ability to convey crisp and healthy meat and milk taste of Pakistan to the world around. So far as that is concerned, sound and farm-raised animals are acquired from a system of sourcing accomplices district-wide. The committed staff looks to it that the welfare of animals is guaranteed. In lines with the Temple Grandin reasoning, the sympathetic treatment of animals is guaranteed by keeping up exacting moral practices. A peaceful decrease zone for holding animals is worked for a similar reason to quiet the animal down.

To guarantee that particular and one of a kind flavour arrives at the feasting tables of the regarded clients, the strength of the creature is treated with high need. Our profoundly proficient vets look to it that creatures are inoculated normally and are given meds whenever required.


We have a system of more than 300 sourcing accomplices locale wide who give steadily and farm-raised animals to us all the time. Global breed advancement is additionally on our motivation. The farmers are chosen on the off chance that they fulfill the quality guidelines joined by us to guarantee that the best quality meat arrives at the clients.